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We connect ambitious professional women with the best egg freezing clinics in Thailand.

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As an educated, professional woman, you shouldn’t have to make compromises in your career, your marriage choices, or your family planning. Our goal is to help women with the opportunity to live on their own terms regardless of social expectations.

Mea Ovum works with top fertility clinics to connect you with the resources you need to take motherhood into your own hands. We will handle everything you need in your egg freezing journey – from knowledge about the procedure, personal one-on-one calls, booking and logistics, communication with doctors, to anything else you might need, we’re here to support you. By freezing your eggs, you can have the peace of mind to pursue pregnancy when you decide.

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Overseas? Language Barrier?

Our consultants help women from outside of Thailand with any travel, communication, or language questions they may have to easily access the services they need.

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We are eager to help every woman to take back control from her biological clock. If financial concerns are holding you back, we can work with you to explore flexible options.

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When we say our 1-on-1 consultants are here for you free of charge, we mean it. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly support staff.
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Thailand Egg Freezing Doctor
Thailand Egg Freezing Doctor